LIST: Best Things To Keep At Your Desk

Storage structures – Invest in a storage system to keep your drawers organized.

Olive oil – You can always use a little bit of this to add to your salads and dry meals.

Flavored vinegar – Another necessity for those boring salads.

Hot sauce – Come on. We all know that every thing tastes better with hot sauce.

A condiment you can’t live without – If there’s something you like to put on absolutely everything, add it to your office pantry.

Nut butter – Nut butters are great for your midday apples and toast.

Seasoning – Grab your favorite seasoning and throw that in your drawer, too to spice things up.

Nuts – You never know when you’re going to need a handful of something salty.

Microwavable grains – It’s good to be prepared with quick oats or rice for when you need something more filling.

At least one bowl, plate, and spoon – You don’t want to have all these things with nothing to eat them off of!


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