LIST: Royal Rules for Meghan Markle

No more shellfish - Members of the royal family are advised against eating lobster, oysters, shrimp and other shellfish because of the high chance of getting food poisoning.

No Monopoly - Prince Andrew revealed that the royal family isn’t allowed to play the popular board game at home because “it gets too vicious.”

Only demure clothing - Dresses below the knee, and no cleavage for royals.

No public displays of affection - You don’t see royals holding hands or kissing.

No social media, selfies or autographs- Markle will now be shared through the family’s joint Instagram @kensingtonroyal.

Meghan must always walk behind Prince William and Duchess Catherine - For public occasions, the royal family walks in order of who’s next in line for the throne.

No more acting or side projects either - With all the royal engagements she’ll make once she’s a duchess, Meghan won’t really have time for acting. She already said she was happy to give it up.


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