Superfood OR Superphony?

(Men's Health) Here's what's good for you and what's just marketing hype or both:

Coconut water: A high-end gym may offer your some of this stuff, but researchers found it's no better for hydration than plain old water. Thirsty? Just drink from the tap.

Green tea: Long-term consumption of the catechins in green tea fights metabolic syndrome a forerunner of type 2 diabetes and could reduce your risk of coronary disease. Put the kettle on.

Avocado: Study after study has confirmed the fruit's heart-healthy benefits. Plus, its high fiber content may help fill you up.

Spinach: In addition to the leafy greens' muscle helping iron content, a study found eating one portion a day reduces your heart-disease risk in just one week.

Kale: Like nature's Cross-Fitter, this cruciferous vegetable does it all. Rich in vitamins, it also contains sulfur compounds that may prevent the growth and spread of cancer.

Almond milk: It can be comparable to dairy milk in mineral content but not in protein which is why you drink milk, right? A glass of cow's milk has more than five times as much protein as the kind made from almonds.

Acai berries: Not only are these fruits bursting with antioxidants, but they're also a healthy anti-inflammatory. Incorporating them into your diet could aid exercise recovery and limit muscle damage.

Chia seeds: Despite the label claims, these seeds lack the type of omega-3 your body actually needs. While they are a good source of fiber, you're better off eating oily fish for your omega fix.


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