"Game Of Thrones" Must-Have Products!

GOT Product Must-Haves!

“The North Remembers” sweatshirt – Complete with blood splatter to prove your allegiance to The North. $28

“I Drink And I Know Things” 16-ounce beer glass – This is for those fans who have watched the show enough times to know almost too much, just like Tyrion when he said this iconic line. $13

Iron Throne Pop Up Card – An intricate replica of the Iron Throne that will wow your friends, minus the chance of blood shed! $15

Longclaw Letter Opener – Perfect for opening letters full of secrets about your enemies… or to complete your pet’s Jon Snow costume. $25

Westeros Transit System Map – Ohhhh, so that’s how your favorite characters got around Westeros so fast. $10

Dragon Egg Candles – Burn them as you pray for your favorite character not to be killed off, or keep them unlit as a killer decoration. $28

“A Feast Of Ice And Fire” Official Companion Cookbook – Feast on Medieval Creme Bastard from The Wall just like the Lord Commander! $24

Personalized "House" Doormat – Customizable to let your guests know just who’s house they’re dealing with. $25

Hodor Door Stop – This one is just heartbreaking, but it will “hold the door.” $18

“Game Of Thrones” Monopoly – Scheme your way to riches, like Littlefinger would! $30

Decanter and shot glass set – Perfect for drowning the pain of your final season viewing party. $15

“Game Of Thrones” playing cards – Each card features a hand-illustrated character… and Littlefinger and Varys are the jokers, of course. $25

“Dire Wolf In Training” dog bandanna – No matter the actual size of your pooch, they’re your loyal companion. $15

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