The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Variety of Thanksgiving sides on the table

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 Thrillist has gone to the time and trouble of ranking the most popular sides that people place on their holiday tables.

14 Corn – It it’s on the cob, it might be ranked higher. Since it’s usually just slashed in a bowl, the bottom of the list it goes.

13 Green Beans – It’s the casserole that them more exciting. We’ll get to that later.

12 Glazed Carrots – Thanks to the sugar and butter, they were kept out of the cellar.

11 Roasted Root Vegetables – How did turnips and beets make it this high?

10 Rolls – They’re filler. Keep them at bay so you can focus on the real food.

9 Candied Yams/Sweet Potatoes – Pie without the crust.

8 Green Bean Casserole – Caveat…it must have fried onions, or it doesn’t count.

7 Cornbread – Better than rolls, but still filler…but awesome with honey butter.

6 Brussel Sprouts – If someone knows how to prepare them, they can be awesome. If they don’t…run.

5 Gravy – It masks crappy-tasting food, and it makes a dry turkey moist. What’s not to love?

4 Stuffing – You have to work pretty hard to mess up stuffing. It’s a can’t miss.

3 Cranberry Sauce – It makes every Thanksgiving side dish better.

2 Mac and Cheese – It’s not a staple of every Thanksgiving table, but it should be.

1 Mashed Potatoes – A universal favorite, and you can get creative by adding garlic, cheese, even shrimp is awesome.

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