Chocolate-Covered Candy Reveals the Real You!

•Cherry -- You're an enthusiastic person who grabs life with both hands. But do try to curb your impatience. 

•Orange -- You're a brainiac who's totally focused on the task at hand. Learn to juggle more than one project and you'll soar. 

•Fudge -- A bright-eyed charmer who attracts people by the carload, you need to become more flexible when things change. 

•Hazelnut -- You're a healer who wants to nurture anyone in your orbit, but you can be too shy to reach out. Relax and interact. 

•Coconut -- Your vivid imagination makes you a creative whirlwind. You must make the effort to handle everyday tasks too. 

•Coffee -- You're a powerhouse who thrives on getting the job done, and you seldom takes time to relax. Recharging your batteries is good for you. 

•Strawberry -- You are a giver who never fails to be there for your friends and family. Just don't forget to nurture yourself as well. 

•Lemon -- You are so concerned with the feelings of everyone else that you often short-change yourself. Do what makes you happy. 

•Peppermint -- You are a futurist who always has an eye on a goal you'll reach tomorrow. Meanwhile, the present is passing by unnoticed. Pay attention to today.


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