*LIST* What Moms Really Want For Christmas

Spa retreat - Skip the fancy bath products and treat mom to a day at the spa instead.

Weekend of solitude - As much as moms adore our families, we would welcome a weekend alone to shop, sleep, and shower in peace without having to talk to anyone.

Day to be lazy - Give mom a card saying she will be given a day off to do nothing. And then make sure you follow through and make it happen.

Cleaning service - Even if it’s only a one-time thing, hire someone else to clean the house for mom.

Something heartfelt - Like a love letter or a sweet card or video note from the kiddos.

A date night - Hire a babysitter and take mom out on a real date. Remember when you guys used to do that?

Hire a personal chef - Again, even if it’s just a one-time deal, it’s something mom would love.

Time with a friend - Moms don’t always find time in their schedules to get together with their besties, so help make time for her to meet her BFF for lunch.

Framed kid art - Take a few of the kids’ masterpieces from the fridge and put them in a frame for mom.

Family photos - Hire a professional or just buy a selfie stick, but mom wants pictures with the whole family, so she’ll love this.

Breakfast in bed - It’s a classic and no mom would be disappointed to get this present.


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